Sunday, November 22, 2020

Share the Truth & Evidence

I'm sure we all agree the truth matters and we want the ones we love to be people who hold tightly to the truth. When we have clear, solid evidence, we are able to believe something is true. It matters for us to hold tightly to the truth, we know once we compromise on truth in one area of our lives, it is far too easy to begin doing so in other areas as well. God wants us to be people who believe and hold strongly to truth, and who speak the truth as well. When the evidence does not back what we think is "truth", we must be willing to change and hold tightly to what is truly true.

This is absolutely true when it comes to our faith. More and more of our grandchildren and grown children are turning away from what is true, the faith they once held, because they do not know the evidence which shows their faith is true. Yes, faith is something we believe by faith, without evidence, but happily God also provided us with an abundance of evidence which shows He is real and we are able to trust and believe in Him with confidence!

Just look at the world around you. Did you know pangolins have no teeth? They have very long tongues which they use to catch ants and termites. They swallow these things and in their stomach there are spines which break up the bugs, so the pangolin is able to digest them. Now, why do pangolin have spines in their stomach instead of teeth in their mouth? My grandson thinks it may be to keep them from biting their long tongues! Perhaps, but how did pangolins "evolve" over millions of years to have spines instead of teeth? Why would they "evolve" this way? If it took millions of years to "evolve" for pangolins to be as they are today, why do we not have a fossil record which shows pangolins in various forms of "evolution"?

Did you know Blue-Footed Booby Birds basically have "bubble-wrap" surrounding their brains? They have air pockets around their brain and these funny birds also have nostrils which are permanently closed - they breathe through the corners of their mouth. Blue-Footed Booby Birds dive from 350 feet in the air and hit the water at 60 miles per hour. If they did not have the "bubble-wrap" protecting their brains, they would not survive. They dive 82 feet into the water - having nostrils which are permanently closed makes this possible. How did these birds survive over millions of years of "evolving" until they had their "bubble-wrap" and closed nostrils? Again, why is there no fossil record of Blue-Footed Booby Birds before they had these features or with them in-process?

The answer to these questions and more is because Someone intelligent designed them to be "just right", exactly as they need to be from the start. There is evidence in the world around us of Someone Who designed everything to be "just right" and when we share this evidence with the ones we love, we are equipping them to be people who believe and who hold on to confident faith! (Check the books in the "Life on the Goldilocks Planet" curriculum series for more animals and how they show us we are able to believe in God and trust Him with confidence - you will find them in our bookstore.)

The truth matters. Evidence matters. Share it with the ones you love, so they are able to have a confident faith!

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