Sunday, December 20, 2020

Give the Best Gifts Ever - Be Faithful

When we think about words which describe God, "faithful" is a word I love, because in a world where all too often people let us down, God is faithful and He NEVER lets us down. The on-line dictionaries give several definitions for the word, "faithfulness", but basically they all carry the idea of how a faithful person does what they say they will do; they are able to be believed and trusted.

We are absolutely able to always believe and trust God, because He always does what He says He will do. So, when we show the Fruit of the Spirit in our lives, we will be people about whom others are able to say these same things.

And, when we live as faithful people, we are giving an amazing gift to our children and grandchildren. It is absolutely essential for us to be people who do what we say we will do; people who are always able to be believed and trusted. The children we love will experience unfaithful people throughout their lives, but their grandma (grandpa/parents) are the people who must not be among those people. We must be faithful. We must.

Do what you say you will do and if something happens which prevents you from doing what you said you would do, talk with your grandchildren about it. Explain what happened and make arrangements to reschedule. By showing our grandchildren they are absolutely able to trust and depend upon us, we will have the opportunity to point them to God; the only One Who will never let them down. 

Give the best gift of being a faithful grandma (grandpa/parent) - it will make a definite impression in the lives of the children you love.

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