Saturday, December 19, 2020

Give the Best Gifts Ever - Give Goodness - Your "Best Part"

How would you define, "goodness"? Perhaps as being good, doing what is right, or showing excellence? These are all ways defines it, along with . . . "The best part of anything".

I really love this last way of defining, "goodness" and want to encourage you to make it the way your grandchildren grow up being able to describe you, because you gave them your, "best part". Yes, we want to give and do what is good, right and excellent when it comes to our grandchildren and when we do, we are giving them the gift of "goodness".

We also want to give them our, "best part" - not just the energy or time we have, "left over". When we give our "best part", we show how valuable they are to us and while we certainly want to tell them how valuable they are to us, we show it by giving them our "best part"; by giving the gift of "goodness".

This Christmas give your grandchildren your, "best part" - give them "goodness".

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