Thursday, December 24, 2020

Give the Gift of Your TIME

Tomorrow is Christmas Day. For the past couple weeks I have been writing about the best gifts we are able to give to the ones we love, so today I want to write about one more - our T. I. M. E. When we give our TIME to the ones we love, we are giving them a very precious gift.

This year with Covid, it is more challenging to give TIME to others - especially our in-person TIME, but even if you are not able to spend TIME with the ones you love in person, you are still able to connect with tech - or even with a phone call, and when you do, you are giving TIME and showing love.

Yes, when we give our TIME to the ones we love, we are showing in a memorable way how very much we love them. Our grandchildren may not remember specific gifts they received from us, but they will remember the TIME we spent with them, because when we spend TIME with them, we are giving them the opportunity to know us and to experience how much we love them.

So, this year, give the gift of your TIME - it is the gift they will always remember, because when you give this, you are giving your love.

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