Wednesday, December 30, 2020

God is Not Finished with You

2020 was certainly a year we did not expect, but even so, it may have been a year filled with blessings - time spent with family handing down confident faith to the generations who follow (even virtually) as the most important blessing. It may have been filled with answers to prayer and opportunities to grow in your walk with God - and watch your family do the same.

It may have been a year where you prayed and prayed and are still waiting to see how God answers. It may have been a year where you continue to pray and ask God to soften the hearts of the ones you love, open their eyes and draw them to/or back to Him.

No matter what 2020 held, "if you are still alive, then God is not finished with you!" He still has plans for you to faithfully hand down the faith to your children and grandchildren. We do not know what 2021 holds - it may have challenges, big challenges. It may have blessings - even the huge blessing of the ones you love turning to God. Challenges and/or blessings you will not face them alone and you are able to be confident in knowing God has an important role for you to fulfill in 2021. Trust Him and hand down confident faith.

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