Thursday, December 17, 2020

Hand Down Confident Faith

I write a lot about handing down confident faith - there is a reason for this. While it absolutely matters for us to hand down faith, if we do not help the ones we love know "why" they are able to believe, the day very well may come when they decide there are no solid reasons for their faith and then turn away from what they once believed. This has happened, and continues to happen, over and over again in families throughout this country and around the world. Like Josh McDowell says; "Belief is knowing what you believe; conviction is knowing why you believe it." We must hand down confident faith by helping the ones we love know why they believe.

While there are not many resources for grandparents which help equip them to hand down confident faith, there are a few, so today I want to let you know about these resources and encourage you to get them and use them with the ones you love - many are available on Amazon and all are available in our bookstore at this link.

  • Life on the Goldilocks Planet curriculum/book series.
    Currently four books are available - book five is almost finished and there will be twelve books when the series is completed. This series is designed to help grandparents/ parents engage children of all ages in learning about animals God designed and created "just right", and how they show us we are able to believe God is real and trust Him with confidence. Each book has twelve animals in it - many you may have never heard of before, maps, full-color photos, fun facts, quotes from scientists, and activities to engage children and help them remember what they are learning. These books make it easy to have important conversations which will help you hand down confident faith! (And, if you get your church to use it with the families in your church, the digital editions are just $1 per family! You will find the details about this at the following link.)
  • Generations Quest ~ Cultivate the FaithIn this new edition, I added information to help you teach the children
    you love about the "whys" for our faith - why we are able to believe in God and trust the Bible with confidence. You will find 52 lessons with science projects, crafts, cooking, games, and more along with resources to help you show the children you love how to dig into God's Word and learn about real people who made the choice to love and walk with God. This is a book
     you will be able to use with your grandchildren/ children to hand down confident faith.
  • Generations Quest - this is a resource which provides the tools you need to help your entire family, young and old,
    near and far, learn to read, understand and live God’s Word, together! It will give your family—grandparents, parents and grandchildren of all ages, near or far —an intentional and focused Bible reading schedule for you all to read daily, no matter where you live. Just imagine what it would be like for all of you to read the same Bible verses the same day! It will help you, and the generations who follow you, learn from God’s Word about people in the Bible who made the choice to love, know and walk with God, so you are better able to understand how to make the same choice. Generations Quest has activities to engage all ages and you will find it at this link.
Any of these resources will help you hand down confident faith. Please get them and use them with the ones you love - is there anything more important for us to do with our time?

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