Sunday, December 27, 2020

Have a Purpose & Plan for 2021

2021 is before us and while we do not know what all it holds, you are likely looking at it in the same way I am; I have hope for 2021 to be a year filled with opportunities to hand confident faith to my grandchildren and build solid, wonderful, joy-filled memories with them as well! 

While I have plans for fun – science projects for them to enjoy, opportunities to show thanks to church volunteers, and many more opportunities for “fun” – the thing I’m most focusing upon, is building their confident faith over the coming year.

While the boys contributed to the "Life on the Goldilocks Planet" series, we are working through each book together. We read about one or two animals each week when they are at our house for sleepovers. We talk about the animals and how they help us see we are able to believe in God and trust Him with confidence. We have had some wonderful conversations as we do this, and I expect we will continue to do so throughout 2021. I want my grandsons to not only believe in God, but to know why they are able to do so. 

Of course I share my faith with my grandsons - and grown children. Of course I pray for them all. Of course I take them to church with me whenever I am able to do so (2020 we have not been able to go to church more than a few times, but we watch the service at home and when the boys are here on Sunday mornings, they watch it with us.) Of course we talk about the things we believe. So, of course I will do all I am able to do to hand down confident faith by sharing with them the "whys" - why they are able to believe in God and trust Him with confidence. All of these things matter, and so as we enter 2021, let's do so with a purpose and plan - to continue to hand down confident faith!

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