Thursday, December 10, 2020

It Matters the Most

More than anything I want my daughter, son, daughter-in-law and grandsons to love and walk with God. Nothing matters more to me. 

If I am serious about handing down confident faith, then I have to be a person who is committed to the truth. One who believes and holds firmly to the truth of God's Word, but I also must be a person who holds firmly to the truth as it relates to every aspect of my life. I must be a person who speaks and tells the truth. I must be someone who holds firmly to the truth in every aspect of my life - personal life, political life, every area of my life. For example, with the new shots for covid about to become available, I need to be a person who holds to the truth of how they are safe and who encourages others to get the shot for their health and for the health of those around us. If I have areas of my life where I refuse to believe the truth - and even say I will never do so - how am I able to expect my grown children and grandchildren (especially if any of them have wandered from the truth) to believe me when I tell them the truth matters? How will they believe me if I tell them God's Word is true? I must be a person who holds to truth - not one who ignores some truth and holds to other truth.

So, I will study God's Word to learn His perspective and live a life which reflects His mercy, love, compassion and grace. I will be a person who holds to the truth. This is part of what handing down confident faith is all about and it matters. 

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