Friday, December 11, 2020

We are Builders

Building a strong, loving and close relationship with your grandchildren matters. It helps them as children, so they grow with a sense of security and value and, as studies show, it helps them as adults, so they are healthier emotionally.

When your grandchildren know you love them, know they are always able to turn to you - no matter what, know you will always listen to them, know you will always pray for them, and know know you will always value them, it gives them a confidence, security, and strength to help them throughout their lives. It matters if we are consistent in sending a message of grace and love to them, because when they see this message, hear it, and experience it from us, they are better able to do the same with God's message of grace and love.

Take time today to invest in your relationship with your grandchildren - it is something you are able to do which truly matters for them throughout their lives - and for you!

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