Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Get Better

Well, while we are not able to do anything about getting older, because as long as we live, we will become older, getting better is an entirely different story. Each day as we walk closer with God, we should be, "getting better" as we . . .

  • Live realistically. What does it mean to do this? Well, dictionary(dot)com defines "realistically as - "interested in, concerned with, or based on what is real or practical: characterized by things as they really are." We grandmas (and grandpas/parents) need to be people who hold tightly to what is real - what is true. It matters for our grandchildren and children to be able to trust us, so we must live realistically - focused upon what is real; the things which are true.
  • Give generously. If we want our grandchildren/children to understand what it means to truly love others, we need to model it. One way we do this is by being people who give generously - to the ones we love and to others in our world. Involve your grandchildren/children in projects where they are able to see you give generously and learn to do the same. Check out a wonderful resource from Compassion which will help you involve the children you love in projects where they learn to give generously - you will find it at this link.
  • Adapt willingly. Just because we did things a certain way when we were growing up, it does not mean we have to continue to do things in those ways. Adapt to today. Embrace tech - your grandchildren are likely very tech savvy - get a smart phone and text your grandchildren, connect with them on a regular basis - they are using tech - adapt and use it to connect and stay connected with them. While you may like singing hymns at church, adapt and learn the praise songs your grandchildren are learning. Adapt and encourage the Children's Ministry at your church to teach in ways which engage children - the old ways of having children sit and listen often are major reasons which contribute to children growing up and leaving the church. Adapt and do so willingly as connecting with your grandchildren absolutely matters more than doing things the way you always did them.
  • Trust fearlessly. Trust God. Model what it looks like to live as someone who trusts God. When you do not see an answer to prayer, or do not understand something which is happening in your lives, tell your grandchildren even though you do not understand what God is doing, you know He has good plans for them and keep praying, continue to trust and watch for what God is doing. Help your grandchildren learn to trust God by the way you trust Him.
  • Rejoice daily. Live as someone who knows God's joy. Be the grandma (grandpa/parent) who the children you love think of when they think about the word, "joy". Model what it looks like to rejoice daily, so your grandchildren/children are able to do the same.
So, yes, you will get older as each day goes by, but you absolutely are able to do what matters - get better.

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