Saturday, January 30, 2021

Make a Difference "in the Space Between What's Said & What's Heard"

From our own life experience and from the experiences of others we know, we understand there may be a "space" between what we say - or is said to us - and what is heard and this "space" is able to make all the difference in the world. If we - or others - do not see love in this "space", we will have a difficult time trusting the ones who speak. But, when we see, hear and experience love in this "space", we will be able to develop a deep trust. This goes for our grandchildren, too.

Often children are able to "read into" this "space" things they think they hear, but are not at all what is meant by the one speaking. It is essential for us as grandmas (grandpas/parents) to leave no room for anything in this "space" other than love and for us to be clear about what we are saying and what we mean, so there is no room for misunderstanding.

God is this way with us. He securely "wraps" everything He says and does with us firmly in His love, grace and mercy. He communicates clearly to us through His faithful, steadfast, never changing Word. Because of His love, we are able to trust Him - when we understand what is happening in our lives; and when we do not - when we are in this "space". 

We know what it is like to experience this "space" in our relationships with others, so we need to be aware and focused upon communicating clearly with the children we love; and be certain these communications are wrapped soundly in love, grace and mercy. We also need to teach and model what it is like to hear from God, so the ones we love are able to experience these things from Him and go on to be people who know His love and trust Him fully.

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