Sunday, January 24, 2021

No Matter What

No matter the age, location, or things which are happening in the lives of our children and grandchildren, they are absolutely going to have good days and bad days - times when they win and times when they lose. These times - positive or negative are most certainly times when we grandmas (and grandpas/ parents) are able to step up and cheer for them, provide a shoulder for them to cry upon, and most importantly, remind them of the truth of how God is with them and loves them no matter what.

Being a grandma (or grandpa/ parent) who is there for them in all of what they face in their lives, is an essential part of what we do as grandmas (or grandpas/parents). The children we love need to know they are always able to depend upon us, because we have told them they are able to do so, and most importantly, because we have shown them this is true. While there sadly are people in their lives upon whom they are not able to depend, these people are not us. Not at all. They are always able to depend upon us. Period.

And, as they see, hear and experience how we are there for them, and absolutely love them when they win or lose, for their good days or bad days, they will receive a powerful gift. The gift of being able to see in a small way what this looks like, so they are better able to see and understand what it looks like to know God loves them and is there for them when they win or lose, for their good days or bad days. No matter what. So be there and love them - it is a powerful way to hand down the faith.

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