Monday, January 11, 2021

Pour Ourselves Into Our Grandchildren

After last week, many people are looking at the coming nine days with some amount of trepidation and uncertainty. Certainly we all want the "temperature" in our country to go down and want to see a healing of rifts as the people pull together and move forward in a calm, respectful way together. 

The children we love have not only lived through a year like 2020 - one we never experienced at their ages, but now they are watching as the anger in our country grows and as adults/ leaders lie stoking this anger. We need to step up and be certain we model the Fruit of the Spirit to our grandchildren and give them examples they are able to follow. As Ken Canfield said; "If any of us look at what is happening around us and wonder where civilization is going - or if there is any civilization at all, then one great, proactive step is to pour ourselves into our grandchildren."

Make time to connect with the children you love. Ask them what they are thinking with all the strife and uncertainty they are experiencing. Be ready to share with them how you find your hope in Jesus and recommit to live a life before them which reflects the Fruit of the Spirit. Sadly, they see people acting badly in our country, but we are able to give them examples of the opposite - people who show respect, tell the truth, and seek to be a blessing to others. When we do this, we will be able to help strengthen them and help them learn to be a badly needed light in our world.

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