Friday, January 29, 2021

The Things Which Matter the Most

If ever we have been able to have a clear view of the truth of how our lives are "fleeting", this past year has clearly showed this to us. As the covid pandemic raged throughout the world, we have been focused upon wearing masks, keeping distance, washing hands, getting a vaccine, and many of us know people who have not made it through the year. The things which matter the most have very clearly come into view.

Family, friends, and others - people matter, so the things we say and do to touch their lives and hand down confident faith are the things which matter. The last year has showed us what matters the most - connecting with the ones we love . . . even if we have to do it virtually. The last year has showed us what we truly need - and miss the most - connecting with the ones we love.

So, as 2021 begins, lets not forget what we learned throughout the difficult times of 2020 - connecting with the ones we love matters the most. And, when we connect with them, let's be intentional about handing down confident faith - as we have experienced, these are the things which matter the most.

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