Thursday, January 21, 2021

Use What You Have to Hand Down Confident Faith

I want to tell you a very important truth - you do not have to be a wealthy grandparent (or parent) to hand down confident faith. You do not have to have "disposable" income for you to be able to hand down confident faith. You do not have to have money to spend on trips, conferences, books, resources or any other thing to be able to hand down confident faith. Handing down confident faith does not take money - it takes being willing to be a person who authentically walks and talks with God and is willing to do as God has asked; this does not require money.

Now, yes, if you have a budget to spend on resources, books, conferences, etc., those things are able to help you be more equipped, but a budget is not required. Take a look at the following things which are required for you to hand down confident faith . . .
  • You need to have a walk of your own with God which is real. You are not able to hand down something which you do not have. If your walk is not what it should be, what you want it to be, take time today to talk with God about it and go back to your first love - a walk which has slowed or stopped does not have to remain where it is. Walk confidently with God again.
  • You need to be a person who talks with God, if you are going to be able to help the ones you love learn to be people who talk with God. If you do not faithfully and regularly talk with God - start doing so. Use Scripture to help you talk with God, get a friend to pray with you, join a prayer group at your church, so you are able to be around and hear people talk with God who know how to do this. Be influenced by people who pray, so you are able to be a person who prays and who influences the ones you love to do the same.
  • Be involved in using the gifts God has given you to serve others. Encourage your children and grandchildren to do the same.
These are just three basics, but important basics. As you walk with God, talk with Him and live out your faith, you will be able to influence the ones you love to do the same - and this is what handing down confident faith is all about. Plus, you do not need to be wealthy or even have disposable income to do these things. When it comes to handing down confident faith it matters what you do with what you have . . . not with what you do not have. Hand down confident faith!

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