Sunday, January 31, 2021

Why Wouldn't We Want to Do This?

One of the most effective, important things a church will ever do is to commit to equip the grandparents and parents in their church so they are able to hand down confident faith to the children they love. Certainly church has a role to play in teaching and reaching children, but even in the best circumstance, children are only at church for three or four hours a week - and a week has 168 hours. And, especially with covid closing or limiting opportunities for children, most children are only at church for two hours a week, and many are only there for two hours every other week.

However; parents are with children most of the 168 hours a week and grandparents have the potential to be there for far more than just a few hours! Equipping the parents and grandparents to hand down faith just makes sense.

Many parents and grandparents want to hand down confident faith but they just do not know how to do this - and there are not a lot of resources out there to help them. Most curriculum companies write curriculum for churches to use with children -and we already talked about how children are not really at church for much of their week.

Josh McDowell says, "Belief is knowing what you believe. Conviction is knowing why you believe it." We must help children know what we believe, but we also have to help them develop a confident conviction because they know "why" they believe what they believe. Barna says - "In fact, the percentage of young-adult dropouts has increased from 59 to 64 percent. Nearly two-thirds of U.S. 18–29-year-olds who grew up in church tell Barna they have withdrawn from church involvement as an adult after having been active as a child or teen." If we don't want the ones we love to be part of this statistic, parents, grandparents, and the church must combine their influence and focus upon handing down confident faith to the children they love. When we do this, we are giving the children we love - a "key" to their future which will help them have a confident conviction. Why wouldn't we want to do this? 

I know I've said this a few times, but there is an excellent tool which will help you give the ones you love the key to having a confident conviction - the "Life on the Goldilocks Planet" curriculum/book series. And, if churches will choose to use it with the families in their ministry, they are able to get the digital books for just $1 per family per individual digital book and $3 per family for the four-in-one digital combo book. Effective and affordable. Again, why wouldn't we want to do this? Just email me at for the details and the link or read more at this link. If you are a leader in your church, do this today. If you are a parent or grandparent, share this post with your church leaders and ask them to do this.

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