Sunday, February 28, 2021

Be a Grandma (or Grandpa) Who Has an Unmuted Influence

We all know the account in Genesis of Joseph - how he had eleven brothers, was his dad's favorite, wore a special coat, had dreams which annoyed his brothers, ended up as a slave in Egypt because his brothers sold him, but God made him second in command in Egypt, so he was able to save his own family. Joseph's life was amazing, and his influence even reaches to today.

God's Promises Are For Us & Our Descendants

I am so thankful for this verse from Isaiah 59 and take such comfort in God's promise. If you have grown children and/or grandchildren who are not walking with God, be encouraged; God promises to never leave us and He promises His Words will always be with us, our children, grandchildren and generations to come. Hold tightly to this truth and trust God to do as He has promised.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Make Sure They Hear This From You

Our grandchildren need us to care for and about them. They need us to pray for them and hand down confident faith to them. No matter their age, our grandchildren need us to love them and to get to know them, including the things which make them "tick". They need us to listen to them and pay attention to the things they want to tell us. The children we love the most in this world need us, as their grandmas and grandpas, to value them, no matter what - and they need us to remind them of these things.

Let Them Know

My grandsons are blessed to be loved by their parents, grandparents, great-grandma and extended family. They know they are dearly loved, but they still hear it; often! Along with telling them I love them, I am also intentional about letting them know God loves them even more than do I, because, as they grow up, I know life can be - and often times is - uncertain. No matter what happens I want them to know they are loved by people and by God.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Don't Miss Them!

Don't you just love this quote? Look at it again . . . "When someone we love asks a tiny, seemingly inconsequential question, and when we say yes, it changes everything. And our answer should always be yes because we just never know what wondrous triumphs lie on the other side of the next few minutes."

God Loves & Values Your Grandchildren & You, Too

I love this quote from Max Lucado. It is true in regards to our grandchildren - make sure they hear this from you, often! Make sure your grandchildren get their sense of value from you, and most importantly, from God. Do not let this world influence them as to how and where they are able to find their value. Be certain they know they are so very valuable to you and to God; not because of anything they do, but simply because God loves and created them.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Listen. Be Silent. Choose Your Words Carefully.

Silence matters. Our silence matters. There are absolutely times for us to be silent - and for us to listen. Especially when our grandchildren (and grown children) have something they want to tell us. Now, yes, when they are young, the things our grandchildren may want to tell us about may not be "life-shattering", but we need to listen. If something matters to them and they want to tell us, we need to listen. When we listen to them while they are young, when they are older and have something important to talk about, they are much more likely to tell us if they have experienced how we listen to them. So be silent. Listen. This is something which matters.

Be a Difference-Maker . . . Pray

Have you "hugged" your grandchildren, grown children and others you know and love today with your prayers? When you pray for the ones you love, you are giving them a "hug". While our daily prayers certainly may include prayers for specific concerns and needs which may arise - tests, health, relationships, etc., when we pray we need to also pray for our grown children and grandchildren to love, know and walk with God. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Trust God to Put You & the Ones You Love Back Together

Have you ever felt like the pieces of your life just do not "fit" together? Have you ever felt like there was a "piece missing"? Have you ever wanted God to, "put the pieces of your life back together"? Well, if you have - or even if you have not - this passage from Psalms 86:10b-17 (The Message) is sure to brighten your day.

Speak Into Their Lives & Help Shape Their Hearts

There are many reasons for us to nurture our relationships with our children and grandchildren, but one of the most important reasons is, by doing so we are able to speak into their lives and help shape their hearts. When we have a strong, healthy relationship with them, we are able to impact and influence them, and this matters.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Trust God in the Here and Now

When I read a book, I read the first chapter or two and then the last chapter or two. I want to know who the characters are, and how the book ends before I read the book. While I have read the last Book of the Bible, and know the "ending", in our day-to-day life, we do not know what is just around the bend. We do not know what will happen on the "next pages", let alone the next chapter. But, we are able to hold tightly to and trust God, because He knows and loves us.

Do the Most Important Thing - Hand Down Confident Faith

Do you know what a Cassowary is? Have you ever heard of a Sun Bear, Sunflower Sea Star, or an Archerfish? What do you know about Pangolins? Do you know Hawksbill Sea Turtles are bio-fluorescent? These six animals, and six more, are included in my book - Eyelash Vipers, Pygmy Elephants, Pangolins & More! and not only will you be able to use this book to share full-color photos of the animals and fun facts about them with your grandchildren, but you will also learn how each of these animals were designed "just right" to have the things they needed to be able to survive. When you share these things with the children you love, you will be able to show them "why" they are able to believe in God - the Designer - with confidence.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Do Your Job - Close the "Cracks"

Yesterday I wrote a post on my Children's Ministry blog - About the Children's Department, which I want to share with you today. A small "background" on this blog - it is the first blog I wrote years ago when I was a Children's Ministry leader - it is still the second-most read Children's Ministry blog - which continues to amaze me. I firmly believe it is the "job" of parents and grandparents to hand confident faith to the children they love, but the church does have a part in this "job". Sadly, while there are many churches where they "get things right" when it comes to their Children's Ministry, far, far too many do not. So, today I'm asking you to read this post and share it with the leaders in your church.

What is our job if we are on the staff in our church's Children's Ministry? How should we be spending our time if we are on the staff in our church's Children's Ministry? What should our priorities look like?

Live So Those You Love "Catch" Your Faith

It matters for us to share with our grandchildren (and our grown children) how God has been faithful to us in the past. It matters for us to tell them how God is faithful to us today. It matters for us to share with them why we believe God will be faithful to us in the future. All of these things do matter. As grandmas (and grandpas) we are the second most influential people in the lives of our grandchildren, so we do need to speak truth and hand down confident faith as we share about God's faithfulness in our lives.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Listen to God

Seven years ago when I picked up my grandson from school, we saw a mom with very colorful, blue hair. I asked my grandson if I should dye my hair blue . . . thinking he would say, "definitely!" But, he surprised me by saying, with great passion, "No, grandma! You should NOT! You should dye all your hair white, because you are a grandma." I was happy to know my grandson liked my white hair and not only accepted it as part of being a grandma, but found comfort in it as well.

Resources for Churches

The "Life on the Goldilocks Planet" series is certainly a resource parents and grandparents are able to invest in to help them hand down confident faith, but it is also an excellent tool for churches to use with the goal of equipping their parents and grandparents so they are able to engage with the children they love at home, and in so doing, hand down confident faith. I have priced the digital books so when churches use them, they are just $1 per digital book per family or $3 per four-in-one digital book per family - effective and affordable!

Do Something Which Lasts

As grandmas (and grandpas, too) we are the second most influential people in the lives of our precious grandchildren. We absolutely are able to do things, many things, which last beyond our lifetime - so choose to do those things which make a big difference!

Saturday, February 20, 2021

You Are Serving God - What You Do Matters

I love this quote from Charles Spurgeon - we grandmas (and moms - and poppas and dads who hand down confident faith) have value, incredible value, and we are able to do extremely important things . . . such as hand confident faith to the children we love. When we do this, we are absolutely serving God and what we do matters.

Make the Most of the Years You are Given

From time to time you may have days which feel long . . . we all do now and then, but the years truly are short and they do fly by. I know for me it seems like it was just yesterday when my own two children were young; now they are grown and my son has young sons of his own. It does not seem possible I am a grandma, but the truth is the years certainly just flew by.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Be Intentional & Wise

One thing covid did for pretty much all of us is show us what it is like to have more time - time we may have otherwise spent going places and doing things. It also has reminded us how precious our time is when we are able to spend it with the ones we love.

The old saying, "Love is spelled - t-i-m-e." is true - we show our love is real by spending our time with the ones we love. As grandmas (and grandpas) we know our time is limited - there are more days behind us than there are in front of us. So, we must be intentional in the ways we spend our time and wise in spending them where they matter the most.

So, as you go through this day, be intentional and wise. Find ways today to show your love by spending time (in person or virtually) with the ones you love.


God's Faithful, Forever Love

These verses from Psalms 103 are encouraging whether you have adult children and grandchildren who love, know and walk with God, or some who do not. God promises His faithful love lasts forever and reaches from us to those who come after us.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Speak Those Words of Affirmation & Encouragement

When we think about using as many as possible of the 69 hours a week we have available to us to influence and impact the children we love, we may feel overwhelmed and wonder how we are possibly able to do this, but it does not need to be difficult. As Gary Smalley says, it may be as easy as speaking a word of affirmation into their lives at the right moment.

Hold Tightly to God at All Times

At all times, but especially when sad and difficult things happen in our lives and the lives of others we love, know and/or hear about, it is essential for us to cling to the promises of God. We must hold tightly to what we know is true - even when we may not understand.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Commit to What Matters Forever

I love this quote from Gary Chapman - "Don't be a victim of the urgent. In the long run, much of what seems so pressing right now won't even matter. What you do with your (grand)children will matter forever." What we do with the 69 hours a week we have available to use to make a difference - matters, forever.

Hand Down Confident Faith - It Matters Now & For Generations Yet to Come

When it comes to handing down confident faith, there are several things we want to accomplish. First, of course, is to bring the ones we love to where they are able to make the choice to believe in Jesus. This means we have to be ready at all times to teach them the truth about Who God is and how they are able to believe in Him and confidently trust His Word to be true.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Creation Shows God's Precision, Design & How We are Able to Trust Him

Here where I live it still looks quite Wintry outside - we received almost six additional inches of snow last night and it is currently only five degrees outside. While it is winter outside today, in just a few days we will experience a "heat wave" as we will be knocking on the door of the 40's with warmer weather ahead from there. Spring will be upon us before we know it!

Enjoy What Is Before it Isn't Anymore

If you have young grandchildren, do all you are able to do to connect with them, to build a strong healthy relationship with them and to hand down confident faith to them while they are young. As we all know, children grow up so very quickly - what we say and do while they are young absolutely matters. 

Monday, February 15, 2021

God is Not Done With Us - There Are Things We Are Able to Do

We grandparents know we are older. We know we may not have the energy we once had. We know we may not be as fit as we once were. But the things which matter the most are, as a friend of mine said the other day, are our faith, our family, and our friends. When we live with what matters in view, we will finish our days making a difference which will last, because God is not done with us.

Use Affirming Words & Light Up the Lives of the Ones You Love

I love this quote from Gary Smalley! As we interact with our grandchildren, let us always keep in mind the power of our words - they are able to build up, or tear down. They are able to encourage, or discourage. They are able to communicate love, or show a lack of love. They are able to show great value, or a lack of value. 

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Make the Most of Your 69 Hours a Week

Today being Valentine's Day, is the perfect time to stop and think about handing down confident faith, as this confident faith is grounded in the truth of knowing God loves them. As grandmas - or grandpas or parents - we have the wonderful gift, unique opportunity to influence the ones we love and hand down confident fait to them. We just have to choose to do so.

Pray Psalms 34 for the Ones You Love

Today is Valentine's Day and for many of us grandmas (and grandpas, parents), it is a day to celebrate our love for the children we love with cards, treats or small gifts. Enjoy celebrating with them, but remember to do the thing which matters the most - pray for the ones you love. Prayer is the best gift you will give them; and keep in mind, if you do not pray for them, who will?

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Make the Most of Your 165 Hours & Hand Down Confident Faith

What are you doing with the 165 hours a week your children or grandchildren are not in church? Of course, if they are not going to church due to covid, then you have 168 hours a week and if they only go to church every other week, then you have 166 1/2 hours a week. What are you doing with this time?

Disturb the Present. Better the Future

We want the future to be better for our grandchildren; what grandparent does not? So, we have to be intentional about shaking up the status quo of the present; we need to motivate our grandchildren to walk and talk with God now, so they grow in their walk with and trust in God and become people who love Him and others. How might we do this? Consider the following . . .

Friday, February 12, 2021

Make a Difference in the Other 165 Hours

While taking the children we love to church and teaching them what we believe are things which matter and give us opportunities to impact lives and make a difference, our church - regardless of if they have an effective Children's Ministry, or not - is limited by time. A week has 168 hours - 168. Of these 168 hours, even in the best situation, the children are only at church, at the most, for three of those 168 hours - just three. Yes, our church is able to make a difference in those three hours, but they are greatly limited as they are not able to be with the children we love for the other 165 hours of the week - or anywhere close to those 165 hours. But parents are. And we grandparents have the potential to influence them for many of those 168 hours as well.

Grandparents & Parents Absolutely Are Relevant & Make a Difference

God's plan for children is for them to grow up being influenced and taught by the generations who came before them - by their parents and grandparents. While a focused Children's Ministry and Youth Ministry are able to help in the handing down confident faith, the primary responsibility - and the ones who are able to make the biggest impact - lies with the parents and grandparents.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Do What Matters the Most

When Jesus was asked about the most important command, He said it was for us to love God with our all, and the second was for us to love others the way we loved ourselves. He lived a life which showed love for God and others - and wants us to do the same - this is the most important thing for us to do. 

Children are Gifts from the Hand of God

I love this quote! Children are gifts from God and they do add meaning and purpose to our lives. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Connect, Engage, Hand Down Confident Faith

When it comes to handing down confident faith to the ones we love, we absolutely want to be able to connect with them, and get and keep their attention. Of all the things we will ever teach them, teaching the "whys" - why they are able to believe God is real and trust Him with confidence - is one of the most important. So, we absolutely want to get and keep their attention.

Trust God - He is Your Strength

Take time to pray this verse for your grandchildren and your grown children today: pray they will find their strength in God and learn to put their trust in Him. Then share this verse with them - in person, through email, by the phone or facetime. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Be Remembered as Someone Who Knew How to Celebrate, Connect, Have Fun, and Laugh!

There are many serious things upon which we need to be focused as grandmas - things related to handing down confident faith. But there is also something very important we need to do as grandmas (and grandpas, parents, too) - we need to watch for opportunities to have fun and play with our grandchildren.

I appreciate this quote from Rick Warren - "When we play with our grands, it brings glory to God. So don't think glory to God is simply serious. There is glory to God in laughter." While the Bible does not say; "And Jesus was not boring", we know He was not because children wanted to spend time with Him - and He stopped what He was doing with adults to spend time with children.

Watch for & Share God's Grace, Compassion & Love

Don't you just love this verse! Take a moment today to stop and think about how God shows His grace, compassion and love to you.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Stumbles Do Not Stop God's Love

One of the primary focuses of our prayers for our children and grandchildren is for them to make the choice to believe in and follow Jesus. When they do, while the Bible says there is rejoicing among the angels in Heaven, I am convinced a grandma (and grandpa, too) certainly rejoices just as much, if not more than the angels!

Be Remembered Today

My family matters to me. I want to show this as well by the things I do and say; today and every day. 

The truth is we should always behave each and every day as if we will be remembered - because the truth is, we will. When I think about how I want my family, my grandsons and others to remember me, I want it to be as . . . 

Sunday, February 7, 2021

The DNA of Grandparents & Parents who Hand Down the Faith

One of the things I hear from grandmas, grandpas, and parents is they do not know how to hand down confident faith. One way we are able to learn how to do this is through books - so today I thought I'd share an excerpt from my book - The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down the Faith -

Hand Down Confident Faith So Grandchildren Do Not Give Up

Handing down confident faith means telling our grandchildren the truth - God loves them, He is always with them, He hears, listens to and answers their prayers and they are truly able to know and walk with Him.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Because They Matter & Are Important

Our world places value on people and things - often based on a faulty standard. We must be certain we do not do the same.

I appreciate this quote from Wess Stafford (president, CEO, and founder of Compassion) - 
"Children are more than we think they are; they can do more than we think they can do. All they need is a vote of confidence from grownups, whom they will ultimately replace anyway."

Make Harmonicas & a Joyful Noise to the Lord

Valentine's Day is next week, so I thought it would be fun to find some different ideas our grandchildren could try for unique, memorable Valentines and a fun project as well. Of course this meant I started by browsing through  Pinterest . . . where I came upon an idea which fit what I was looking for . . . interesting, unique and fun for children to make!

You will need -

Friday, February 5, 2021

The Overflow of Joy in God

I appreciate this quote from John Piper - "Love is the overflow of joy in God, which gladly meets the needs of others." Love is not about what we "get" - it is about what we "give" - what we "gladly give".

Express Your Love in Powerful Ways All Year Long

February 14th is a day each year where we tend to think about the people in our lives who we love. We may even give them a gift to show our love in a tangible way. 

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Scorpionfish, Clouded Leopards, Pygmy Hippos & More! is Available!

I am very happy today to let you know book six in my "Life on the Goldilocks Planet" curriculum/book series is now available on Amazon at this link and will be available in our bookstore this weekend (February 7, 2021)! As are the other books in this series,  Scorpionfish, Clouded Leopards, Pygmy Hippos & More! is a multi-purpose book. While it makes an ideal gift for the children you love, it is also a curriculum resource which will equip grandparents and parents as they strive to hand down confident faith. 

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