Thursday, February 25, 2021

Be a Difference-Maker . . . Pray

Have you "hugged" your grandchildren, grown children and others you know and love today with your prayers? When you pray for the ones you love, you are giving them a "hug". While our daily prayers certainly may include prayers for specific concerns and needs which may arise - tests, health, relationships, etc., when we pray we need to also pray for our grown children and grandchildren to love, know and walk with God. 

If the ones you love are walking with God, pray for them to continue to do so. All it takes is one difficult situation, one friend who influences them away from God, one church leader who lacks integrity for them to no longer follow God. Ask God to protect their hearts and minds and to keep them close to Him. Pray for them to have friends who follow God - and to be a friend who does the same. Pray for them to grow in their love and trust for God.

And, if the ones you love are not walking with God, pray for Him to draw them to Him. Jesus came to draw all people to Him - this means those who have not yet put their trust and belief in Him as well as those who have wandered from their faith. 

God loves the ones we love more than do we - so pray with confidence! Give the ones you love a daily hug - hug them with your prayers! 
Your prayers do make a difference in the lives of your grandchildren, grown children and everyone for whom you pray, so pray with confidence. Pray each day, and throughout the day as God brings them to mind.

Be a difference maker and give those daily "hugs" - pray for the ones you love.

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