Sunday, February 28, 2021

Be a Grandma (or Grandpa) Who Has an Unmuted Influence

We all know the account in Genesis of Joseph - how he had eleven brothers, was his dad's favorite, wore a special coat, had dreams which annoyed his brothers, ended up as a slave in Egypt because his brothers sold him, but God made him second in command in Egypt, so he was able to save his own family. Joseph's life was amazing, and his influence even reaches to today.

We are able to be a "Joseph" to our family. No, we do not have to be sold into slavery or have to be second in command of our country, but we are able to influence our family when we show wisdom, kindness, mercy, and skill. We are able to make a difference today and for the generations who follow us.

So, do not let Satan "mute" you. Be a Joseph and trust God and His plan - even when you are not able to see what He is doing. Be a grandma (or grandpa) who does their best with what they are given, so others are able to see God in your life. Be a grandma (or grandpa) who does not give up. Be a grandma (or grandpa) who forgives - even those who have been unkind to you. Be a grandma (or grandpa) who does make a difference and who influences generations.

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