Monday, February 8, 2021

Be Remembered Today

My family matters to me. I want to show this as well by the things I do and say; today and every day. 

The truth is we should always behave each and every day as if we will be remembered - because the truth is, we will. When I think about how I want my family, my grandsons and others to remember me, I want it to be as . . . 
  • Someone who truly believed God is real and the Bible is able to be trusted with confidence.
  • Someone who believed God loves her and who loves God as well.
  • Someone who loved them with her all; and who showed it by the things she said and did.
  • Someone who treasured time with them - they could see this because my tech was put away when they were at my house, so they had my attention.
  • Someone who made time for them and who always welcomed them to my home.
  • Someone who prayed for them.
  • Someone who showed the Fruit of the Spirit.
These are the main things I want my family to remember when they think about me, so today - and for each day of the rest of my life, I will live in a way to show these things. I will also teach my grandsons what it is like to do the same, so they will live each day as if it is a day they will be remembered.

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