Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Commit to What Matters Forever

I love this quote from Gary Chapman - "Don't be a victim of the urgent. In the long run, much of what seems so pressing right now won't even matter. What you do with your (grand)children will matter forever." What we do with the 69 hours a week we have available to use to make a difference - matters, forever.

We do have the ability to make a difference. We are able to influence our grandchildren. We are able to spend the time we are given in ways which actually matter - now and for generations yet unborn. We just need to step up and commit to spending our time in ways which make a difference, influence our grandchildren, and matter by handing down confident faith.

Far, far too many of the children we love end up being influenced by people who do not believe in God, and if we do not do all we are able to do to help them with the "whys" - why they are able to believe in God and trust Him with confidence, it is very possible they will join the growing number of young people who turn away from their faith. We are able to share the "whys". We are able to do what matters.

And, for our grandchildren who grow up with a confident faith, and hold tightly to it, when we help them learn the "whys", we are doing what matters by helping them to grow an even more confident faith and a closer walk with God.

So, commit to do what matters. Commit to make a difference Commit to handing down confident faith. (And ask your church to equip you and the other grandparents/parents in your church to do the same.)


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