Friday, February 26, 2021

Don't Miss Them!

Don't you just love this quote? Look at it again . . . "When someone we love asks a tiny, seemingly inconsequential question, and when we say yes, it changes everything. And our answer should always be yes because we just never know what wondrous triumphs lie on the other side of the next few minutes."

It matters for us to be grandmas (and grandpas) who listen to our grandchildren - and for them to know we listen to them. When they know this, they will also know they are able to ask us anything - and tell us anything. We want them to know this. While there are certainly times when they will tell us or ask us things which may actually be "inconsequential", because we listen, when they have things which are consequential, they will know they are able to talk to us about those things. Certainly we want them to be able to do so.

So, listen. Put down what you are doing. Put away your computer or phone. Look your grandchildren in their eyes, smile, and listen. What they are saying may be consequential and those all-important triumphs are about to show up. Don't miss them!

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