Sunday, February 21, 2021

Listen to God

Seven years ago when I picked up my grandson from school, we saw a mom with very colorful, blue hair. I asked my grandson if I should dye my hair blue . . . thinking he would say, "definitely!" But, he surprised me by saying, with great passion, "No, grandma! You should NOT! You should dye all your hair white, because you are a grandma." I was happy to know my grandson liked my white hair and not only accepted it as part of being a grandma, but found comfort in it as well.

Well, I definitely am his grandma and a good amount of my hair is white, so I especially appreciate these verses which tell me two things. First of all, God wants me to listen to Him. Just because we are older it does not mean we are immune to the influence of the world around us. Listen to God.

Secondly, these verses tell me God values those of us with white hair. He has promised to stay with and sustain us throughout our lives - even when we are older and have grey - or white - hair!

So today, no matter the color of your hair, take time to listen to God and enjoy knowing God loves you throughout your life.

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