Thursday, February 18, 2021

Speak Those Words of Affirmation & Encouragement

When we think about using as many as possible of the 69 hours a week we have available to us to influence and impact the children we love, we may feel overwhelmed and wonder how we are possibly able to do this, but it does not need to be difficult. As Gary Smalley says, it may be as easy as speaking a word of affirmation into their lives at the right moment.

Yes, we are able to use resources like the Life on the goldilocks Planet series to impact their lives and hand down confident faith, but we are also able to just listen as they talk, and share encouragement as well. And these times where we affirm them are times which matter and do, "light up a whole roomful of possibilities."

So yes, make time for purposeful, planned opportunities to hand down confident faith, as well as for those times when you are able to affirm and encourage them - these times do make a difference!


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