Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Trust God to Put You & the Ones You Love Back Together

Have you ever felt like the pieces of your life just do not "fit" together? Have you ever felt like there was a "piece missing"? Have you ever wanted God to, "put the pieces of your life back together"? Well, if you have - or even if you have not - this passage from Psalms 86:10b-17 (The Message) is sure to brighten your day.

"God, You are the one, there's no one but You! Train me, to walk straight; then I'll follow Your true path. Put me together, one heart and mind; then, undivided, I'll worship in joyful fear. From the bottom of my heart I thank You, dear Lord; I've never kept secret what You're up to. You've always been great toward me, what love! You snatched me from to the brink of disaster. You, O God, are both tender and kind, not easily angered, immense in love, and You never, never quit. So look me in the eye and show kindness, give Your servant the strength to go on; save Your dear, dear child. Make a show of how much You love me, as You, God, gently and powerfully put me back on my feet."
Don't keep secret what God is doing in your life. He is both tender and kind, not easily angered, immense in His love for you, and He never, never quits! He will give you the strength to go on, show you His amazing love, and put you back on your feet. Aren't you so glad!

Be sure to share with your family - particularly your grandchildren - how God, "puts you back together". These true accounts will help them see how their very real God works in the lives of real people today . . . and encourage their faith as they are able to watch for and see how their very real God works in their real lives, too!

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