Saturday, February 20, 2021

You Are Serving God - What You Do Matters

I love this quote from Charles Spurgeon - we grandmas (and moms - and poppas and dads who hand down confident faith) have value, incredible value, and we are able to do extremely important things . . . such as hand confident faith to the children we love. When we do this, we are absolutely serving God and what we do matters.

We are serving God when we pray for the children He has given to us. This matters. We are serving God when we tell them about Who God is and how very much He loves them. This matters. We are serving God when we introduce them to God's Word and help them develop a love for it and solid belief in how it is true and they are able to believe it with confidence. This matters. We are serving God when we help them learn to be people who talk to God on their own. This matters. We are serving God when we tell them how God has been faithful in the past, show them how He is faithful today and share why we believe He will be faithful tomorrow. This matters. We are serving God when we share our faith with them and equip them to develop a strong, confident faith in God of their own. This matters.

You might think it is too hard, too complicated, too confusing to hand down confident faith, but it does not have to be. Handing down confident faith is about doing all these things and are able to be done in simple ways which "stick", such as . . . 
  • Involve your grandchildren/children in making handprint prayers - you will find it at this link.
  • Trace your own hand for each of your grandchildren/children. Write a prayer request for yourself on one side and a verse you would like to see lived out in your own life. Give your handprints to your grandchildren/children and ask them to pray for you. Update them with how God answers and give them new handprints with new prayer requests. This is a simple, tangible way to help the children you love learn to pray for others - they could get additional handprints from other people for whom they are praying as well.
  • With children ages four through fourteen use the book Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children to help them learn to pray. This book is just $5 for the download which you are then able to use with all the children you love - it is the best way you will ever spend $5 to make an important and essential difference in the lives of these children. 
  • Work through the Life on the Goldilocks Planet series together, so you are all able to learn why you are able to believe in God and trust Him with confidence.
These are just a few simple, essential ways for you to serve God and make an important difference in the lives of the children God has put in your life.

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