Friday, April 16, 2021

Live a Life of Adventure

Don't you just love what Luci Swindoll refers to as, "a life of adventure"! She is correct - it, "is ours for the taking, whether we're seven or seventy." And today is the perfect day for you to live an adventure and involve the children you love in your adventure with you! Consider the following ideas . . .

  • Live life fully by -
  • Preparing your favorite meal today with all the fixings!
  • Make your grandchildren's favorite cookie and send them a cookie care package. 
  • Take time to enjoy your favorite family photos - and pray for each person in the photos as well.
  • Live life joyfully by -
    • Call your grandchildren with facetime/hangouts or any way you are able where you will see them, and spend time singing silly songs together.
    • Call your grandchildren and share your favorite jokes.  
    • Call your grandchildren and have a silly face contest. 
    • Live life completely by -
    • Focus upon the things which matter the most - share these with the ones you love.
    • Spend time in God's Word - share with the ones you love the things which stand out to you.
    • Challenge the ones you love to share with you something they read in their Bibles. 
    • Live life richly by -
      • Trust God and model this to the ones you love. 
      • Connect with the children you love and plan what you will do to celebrate when you get together again.
      • Take a walk in your yard, or where you are able to keep appropriate distance between you and others, and take photos of the amazing things you see which God created. Email the photos to the children you love and then connect to talk about God's great blessings - be sure to include photos of your grandchildren as they are some of God's most incredible blessings!  
    These are just a few ideas for how to live fully, joyfully, completely and richly - as Luci said, life is for the most part what we make of it. Commit to make it an adventure - model this to the ones you love - and involve them as much as possible!

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