Monday, May 31, 2021

Hand Down Confident Faith with the little answer book for children

I want you to know about Barna's and Gallup's recent polls - for a very important reason . . . because we must stand up and take action to stop the loss of the ones we love. If someone does not speak up and ask others to join them, how will grandparents, parents, and church leaders know there is a way to stop what is happening? 

Inspire Cartwheels in Their Hearts

Two years ago, my then seven-year-old grandson learned to do cartwheels - he has such joy when he is "cartwheeling" across the yard! Joy, absolute joy! 

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Must Be at the Top of Our Most Important Things to Do List

Both the Barna and Gallup polls show us we are losing our next generations (at double the rate of any previous generation according to Barna). We must take action. We must make changes as to do nothing is not an option.

Wake Up, Relinquish, Trust, Remember, Tell & Love

I don't know about you, but there are certainly times when I find the "relinquishing the lives of loved ones" to be a difficult thing. I do trust God, but when I do not see what He is doing, or He seems silent, it honestly is more challenging to trust and relinquish.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Even When We Are Old . . .

I LOVE the last part of this verse/prayer in Psalm 92 . . . 

"Even when you are old, you will be fresh and able to say how God is your Rock and all He does is good and right!"

Wisdom Is . . .

As a grandma who is committed to handing down the faith, one of the things I talk about with my grandsons is what it means to make wise choices. I want them to know what it means to be wise, where they are able to find wisdom, and be people who choose to live in a wise way. 

Friday, May 28, 2021

Celebrate Your Grandchildren & Be Sure They Know You Love Them

Sunday June 13th is Children's Day! (If you look it up on Google, it says the USA celebrates Children's Day on the second Sunday in June - this has been the official date since the 1800's - I really did not make this holiday up!!!) 

Share the Joy

You will absolutely discover solid truth in this quote from Cathy Jacobs - there is a lot of joy in being a grandparent and, for some reason, it is not often talked about.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Make This Summer Count!

The summer is nearly upon us! Which means the children you love will be enjoying their summer break - I know my grandsons are certainly looking forward to summer. While summer is a perfect time to take a break, enjoy the weather, get outside, do special things, it is also the perfect time for us to equip the children we love, so they are able to know for sure God is real, God and science do go together, God is good, and the Bible is true.

Handing Down Confident Faith is Essential & Can be Fun, Too!

I've been writing all week about handing down confident faith to our grandchildren. As I said yesterday; "We so easily become distracted by the things in this world. We lose focus of what is truly most important and think things like earning more money, taking bigger and better vacations, owning a bigger and new home, driving new cars, etc. are important, when in truth, none of these things matter. Not really. If we end up with all these things, but fail to hand confident faith to our grandchildren will we say, "Oh well. I had a great car, house and big bank account!"? No. Nothing, please allow me to repeat, NOTHING is more important than handing down confident faith to our grandchildren.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Help Your Grandchildren Experience Joy - Encourage Their Play

With Summer Break upon us, what better time is there than this to encourage children to play, imagine and enjoy being a child! God created children to do all these things, so encourage their play and creative spirit and make time to play with them; because in so doing, you will make a great difference in their lives!

Be in Awe of God

Does this photo cause you to pause, look at it more closely and wonder at how a tree is possibly able to grow in the way and place where this tree is growing? I find this tree amazing. I look at the photo and think there is no way possible for a tree to grow - and apparently thrive in such a rough place. It leaves me feeling a sense of "awe"; I am left "fearing" the tree and more accurately, God who made it possible for this lone tree to thrive in this rough place.

How Do We Hand Down Confident Faith? Serve God & Do Not be Distracted by the World!

I've been writing about how we are part of God's plan to hand confident faith to our grandchildren, and we need to focus on doing so. Today as I finish looking at Deuteronomy 6, I want to think about what it means when it tells us to - 

Fear the Lord  your God, serve him only.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

It is Not Too Late

If, like me, you pay attention to Barna's studies on Gen Z (the studies show they are leaving the faith at double the rate of previous generations) and the current Gallup Poll (the US has dropped below 50% for the first time in regards to the percentage of people who attend church and say their faith matters), then you may feel discouraged. If you have family and/or friends who fall into these results, then you also are likely to be experiencing sadness and even discouragement, but today I want to tell you, it is not too late.

How Do We Hand Down Confident Faith? Pay Attention & Remember Our Blessings are from God!

We have been looking at how we are part of God's plan to hand confident faith to our grandchildren, and we need to focus on doing so. Today I want to think about what it means when Deuteronomy 6 tells us to - 

Be careful that you do not forget  the Lord.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Grandparents Belong To & Impact the Future

Next week is my grandsons' last week of school . . . and I am confidently able to assure you, they are without a doubt ready for their summer break! I am ready for their break, too, as the boys will be spending time at my house this summer while their parents are at work. We will definitely have a fun summer!

How Do We Hand Down Confident Faith? Talk about It!

We know our job is not "finished" just because our children are grown. This is what  Deuteronomy 6 is talking about when it says we are to, "talk about God and His Word in our day-in-day-out lives". We need to remember we are part of God's plan to pass on a confident faith to our grandchildren. 

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Blessings Not Measured by Dollars

As my day began this morning, I was thinking about blessings . . . big and small, and I most certainly have many! I have an amazing husband (we met on a volcano!!!), two grown children, and a daughter-in-law of whom I am proud and love with all my heart. Three sweet, rascal grandsons who fill my heart with joy! Yes, my blessings are many and I am ever so thankful!

How Do We Hand Down Confident Faith? God's Word on our Hearts

We have been looking at how we are part of God's plan to hand confident faith to our grandchildren, and we need to focus on doing so. Today I want to think about what it means when Deuteronomy 6 tells us to - 

  • Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the door frames of your houses and on your gates.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Children's Day Books - Piper & Mabel and What Would You Wish For?

Children's Day is just a few weeks away (second Sunday in June, and yes, it is a real holiday), so today I'm very happy to let you know about two new books from Zonderkidz which would make wonderful Children's Day gifts for the children you love who are between the ages of four and eight.

My grandsons love dogs, so when I saw Piper & Mabel I knew they would enjoy this book!

How Do We Hand Down Confident Faith? Impress God's Word on Our Grandchildren!

I've been writing about how our job is not "finished" just because our children are grown. If we have grandchildren we still have a very important "job" to do. We are part of what Deuteronomy 6 is talking about. We are part of God's plan to hand confident faith to our grandchildren.

I looked at the first step in doing this; being people of the Word who have God's Words, "on our hearts". Today I want to look at the next step . . . 

Friday, May 21, 2021

How Do We Hand Down Confident Faith? We Must Be People of the Word!

As I have been saying, "if we have grandchildren we still have a very important 'job' to do. We are part of what Deuteronomy 6 is talking about. We are part of God's plan to hand confident faith to our grandchildren." Happily, Deuteronomy 6 tells us how we are able to do exactly this. It begins with . . .

Teach the Truth - Intentionally & at Unplanned Times as Well

There are many important things for us to do as grandmas, and grandpas, too. Things which truly matter when it comes to handing down confident faith for this life and beyond. But one absolutely essential thing for us to do is for us to make sure our grandchildren know, believe and remember the truth about Who God Is. There are many voices in our world today who tell our grandchildren God is not real, the Bible is not true, and God does not answer prayer. Whether your grandchildren go to a Christian school, are homeschooled or go to public school, they will hear these messages from one place or another . . . and likely from many.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

How Do We Hand Down a Confident Faith? Consider the Following . . .

Yesterday I wrote about how our job is not "finished" just because our children are grown. If we have grandchildren we still have a very important "job" to do. We are part of what Deuteronomy 6 is talking about. We are part of God's plan to hand down confident faith to our grandchildren.

So, how do we do this? 

"Keep a Firm Grip on the Faith"

The Bible presents Satan as a "roaring lion" and says he is looking for people to "devour" in 1 Peter 5:8. This sounds frightening; and if we look at the world around us it is easy to see how he is doing this with so many.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

As Covid Comes to an End Teach Both the "What" & the "Why"

My husband and I are fully vaccinated, but since our youngest grandsons are not yet able to be vaccinated, we are continuing to wear masks, keep distance, and are staying away from gatherings of people outside our immediate family. We will not risk exposing our grandsons to covid, so since we have been so careful the last year, what are a few more months until they are able to be vaccinated?

Hand Down Confident Faith - We are NOT "Finished" - Stay "Focused" and "Engaged"!

Okay, grandmas, I get it. It is easy to have the idea, feeling, even belief, we have "done our  part", "finished our job", "deserve to step back", or however you want to phrase it, when it comes to taking care of children. But, while we did raise our children and are older and often have less energy now than we did then, it absolutely is not true we have "finished" anything, are "done" with anything, or "deserve a break", or anything like these things, because as grandmas, there is something we know and see more clearly than our children. 

What is it, you ask? 

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Another "Call to Action"

As I wrote a few days ago, "On this blog you will find posts which hopefully encourage you and put a smile on your face. You will also find posts which hope to call you to action." This is another call to action post. (If you did not read my other post with the "call to action", you will find it at this link - please read it - and share it as well.)

Hand Down Confident Faith - It Matters

In light of the book, The Question Nobody Asks about Our Children and the new results of the Pew Research Center's Study on Religion in America, we can not rely on the one to three hours out of 168 to 336 hours our grandchildren/ children are in our churches to hand down confident faith. We have to become serious about focusing on the other 165-167/333-335 hours which provide opportunity to impact children. (There are 168 hours in a week and children are at church for one to three of these hours. If children only attend church every other week - as so many do, they are only there for one to three hours of 336 hours.) This means we have to focus on handing down confident faith to our grandchildren/children and can not just rely on the church with the mind-set "It's their 'job'."

Monday, May 17, 2021

They are Not Insignificant

I am certain I am able to say your grandchildren are significant to you, just as mine are to me. This is something we especially want to be certain to communicate to them every opportunity we have to do so. 

The Best & Most Beautiful Things are Felt with the Heart

With covid, the Stay-at-Home orders, quarantines, etc. many of us experienced over the last year, we may have found ourselves in a position where we needed to care for grandchildren, who would otherwise be in school, while their parents were at work. And with some of these orders being lifted with Summer just around the corner, more of us may find we are now caring for our grandchildren. If this describes you, along with being able to spend time with your grandchildren, rejoice because apparently caring for them on a regular basis extends life! Joani Schultz sent me (Lynda) this study from Prevention Magazine - 

Sunday, May 16, 2021

You Make a Difference

We grandmas (and grandpas/ parents, too) are most certainly the ones who have concern for the children God has entrusted to us. We care if they choose to believe in Jesus. We care if they chose to walk with Him. We care if they become people who talk with Him. We care. 

Love & Teach What Matters Most

When Jesus walked this Earth, He was asked a question about which commandment was the most important. In Mark 12:30, 31 Jesus answered by saying;

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Support Grandparents Who Bring Their Grandchildren to Church

Typically when you think about the adults who bring children to your church, you think of and picture the parents. There are solid reasons for you to do this as, for most of the children, it is the parents who bring them to church. But not all. In larger numbers of churches a growing number of the people bringing the children to church are the grandparents.

It is not the same for grandparents who bring their grandchildren to church as it is for parents - 

New Resource to Help Grieving Children

Linda Ranson-Jacobs shared this wonderful resource from her friend Mel Erickson with me a couple days ago and today I am delighted to share it with you.

Friday, May 14, 2021

A Call to Action . . .

On this blog you will find posts which hopefully encourage you and put a smile on your face. You will also find posts which hope to call you to action. This is a "call to action" post.

Nearly twenty years ago a Barna study showed 85 to 96% of parents believed it was their responsibility to hand faith to their children, but beyond taking their children to church, parents did not do anything else at home. The study says; "The survey data indicate parents generally rely upon their church to do all of the religious training their children will receive. Parents are not so much unwilling to provide more substantive training to their children as they are ill-equipped to do such work. According to the research, parents typically have no plan for the spiritual development of their children; do not consider it a priority, have little or no training in how to nurture a child’s faith, have no related standards or goals that they are seeking to satisfy, and experience no accountability for their efforts.

We Have a Sacred Trust

We grandparents are not "insignificant" people in the lives of our grandchildren. No, not at all. We are the second most influential people in the lives of our grandchildren (second only to the parents) and as such we are able to influence our grandchildren in powerful ways.

Love Others With Our All

What does it look like for us to live as people who love God back and help our grandchildren do the same? Today I'm writing about this . . .

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Know What Matters the Most

Einstein was a very intelligent man, but while he agreed creation shows design and therefore there had to be a "Designer", sadly he did not believe this "Designer" wanted to know people. He did not believe it was possible to know this "Designer" in a personal way. Einstein knew many things, but he did not know the most important thing - knowing God personally.

God Loves You "More", Never "Less"

Aren't you so very thankful to know there is nothing we will ever do to make God love us less and He already loves us, "more"! As a mom and grandma I understand this; at least in a small way. I love my children and grandchildren "more". There is nothing they will do to make me love them "more", as I already do. There is also nothing they will do to make me love them less, as I already love them "more".

Pray - it Makes a Difference

Today, I want to remind and challenge us moms and grandmas with this wonderful quote - tweaked a bit - from D. L. Moody . . .

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Make a Difference

As grandmas (and grandpas & parents), we do have precious lives to touch and a real difference to make. What we do matters - what you do matters!

Point & Live

As grandparents we are not able to tell our grandchildren they are going to church - when we were parents we were able to have our children go to church with us, but this is not something we are able to do as grandparents. If you have adult sons/ daughters/in-laws who take your grandchildren to church - be very thankful. If you do not, then as they allow, you are able to hand down confident faith to our grandchildren. But, while you may have adult children who let you hand down confident faith to your grandchildren, you absolutely are not able to force them to believe.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Books for Children's Day

Children's Day is nearly here - yes, it is a real holiday and is always celebrated on the second Sunday in June. It is a wonderful opportunity to show your grandchildren how very thankful you are for them - let them choose the menu, plan fun activities, and give a gift.

Books make great Children's Day gifts and since Zonderkidz sent me a few of their new titles, I'm sharing them with you today . . . 

Start at the Beginning - God Loves Us & Our Grandchildren - This is the Truth

One important thing we are able to do is to help our grandchildren learn to love God and others with their all. If we love God and others with our all, we will not be people who harm others in any way - by our words or deeds. If we love God and others with our all, we will be active and involved in helping others with our words and deeds. If we love God and others with our all, we will have true joy.

Monday, May 10, 2021

God's Fingerprints are on His Most Amazing Creations

This is a Carrier Crab (look under the Fire Urchin in the photo below) - it lives in the Pacific Ocean. Apparently it is considered HIGHLY tasty to pretty much all its neighbors. So, to survive it uses its back legs to hold the Fire Urchin (by the way, did I mention the Fire Urchin is named "Fire Urchin" for an excellent reason . . . it is poisonous to all those hungry neighbors?) and carries it around wherever it goes. When the Carrier Crab's hungry neighbors see the tasty crab, AND the poisonous Fire Urchin, they decide they are not as hungry as they thought they were - they leave the crab alone.

Love Does Matter & Makes a Difference

Just a few minutes spent listening to the morning news over the past few days, once again leaves us with broken hearts; there is so much sorrow, pain, uncertainty and confusion in our country and in our world as well. What do we do? How do we respond? How do we comfort our grandchildren who are growing up in this world? What do we do to help them learn to make wise choices in a world where other children, and adults, make choices which harm themselves and others? Serious and important questions for sure.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

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