Thursday, September 30, 2021


Forever is such a wonderful word. Especially when it is connected with a promise from God. I love this verse. The promise in it is one I - as a mom and grandma, hold to; tightly. I love how God has promised His words will not depart from my mouth or the mouths of my children, and my children's children from now on and forever!

God has Plans, Not Problems for Our Lives

It has been a year and a half since our country experienced the challenges,  difficulties, and sadness which came with covid. So many people have lost loved ones. So many struggled with not being able to see their loved ones in hospitals/living centers. So many of our grandchildren struggled with not being able to go to school, see their friends, or with being in school and wondering if they will contract covid, and now have returned to classes while still waiting for the shot to be approved for their age group. So many business owners have lost their businesses. So many people have lost their jobs. When 2020 started a year and a half ago, none of us thought it would shape up as it has and leave us where we are today still trying to pull everything together.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Do What God Tells You to Do Now

There are times when it may feel overwhelming to hand down confident faith. Times when you just do not know if you are able to go on. Times when you do not know what to do next.

Talk Candidly with Jesus

Sherry Schumann is one of our Grandmas with Heart. She has a blog and wrote a powerful post about prayer. If you have ever wondered if God hears your prayers or if you should even "bother" Him with your concerns, take a few minutes to read what Sherry wrote. You will be encouraged with the truth, because as Sherry said - "Jesus wants you to talk candidly with Him about the things which cause you concern or give you angst."

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

We Have an "Expiration Date", So Hand Down the Faith

When we are committed to be grandmas (and grandpas/parents who hand down the faith) we absolutely understand the truth in this quote. We do teach by all means possible, we do remember and hold tightly to the Character of God, and take every opportunity to teach our grandchildren how they are able to know, love and walk with God, because we know our time is limited; we have more days behind us than there are before us. We have an "expiration date". Our time on Earth is limited.

Free Books to Enjoy with Your Grandchildren

One of the things we want to do on this blog is to let you know about resources you are able to use to equip yourself in handing down confident faith as well as resources you are able to give to or use with your grandchildren. Today I am so happy and honored to let you know about a couple wonderful books for children, written by a sweet friend, Angels All Around and Angels on Guard. These books are free on Amazon - yes free!

Monday, September 27, 2021

Learn, Be Prepared, Hand Down Confident Faith with the little answer book - And Get the Kindle Copy for Free

Today through Wednesday, September 29, 2021, you are able to download your free Kindle copy of my book - the little answer book.

Why might you want this book? consider the following . . . 

Be a Life Changer Who Makes a Difference

Cathy Jacobs is one of our Grandmas with Heart and she is also the founder of Pass the Legacy Ministries and the author of Pass the Legacy 7 Keys for Grandparents Making a Difference - a book filled with practical information on how to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of the ones you love. I love how Cathy tells us we have a "God-given power" to be a "life changer" for our grandchildren and a grandparent who makes a difference!

Sunday, September 26, 2021

God's Good Plans For Us, Too

I have truly been blessed with three fantastic boys for my grandsons. I love everything about being their grandma, especially when it comes to handing down confident faith. It does not have to be overwhelming to do this. It does not have to be confusing. It does not have to be too hard. Handing down confident faith is what I do in the planned times - such as focused times to read God's Word and pray together, or go on a nature walk together to worship God for His amazing creation, or when I tell them about a "why" we are able to believe . . . such as how God created Okapi with infrasonic calls, or the Carrier Crab and Fire Urchin to need each other, or the Grasshopper Mouse to be a fierce and shockingly amazing hunter of scorpions. 

Let Them Hear & Read God's Word, Too

I have personally read through the Bible many times in my life – as you have likely done as well, however; I recently came across a verse which I'm sure I must have read before, but just truly "noticed" . . . .

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Get Your Free Kindle Copy of the little answer book

Over the month I have made three books available for free in their Kindle version - today I am happy to announce one more Kindle book giveaway - the little answer book

They are Paying Attention

In my book, The DNA of Grandparents & Parents who Hand Down the Faith, I am honored to share some of a friend's amazing Faith & Prayer History. Janae Dean, wife of Wayburn Dean from the fantastic group Acappella, told me about the darkest day in her life; the day her son died. 

Friday, September 24, 2021

Get Your Free Kindle Copy of the little answer book for children

Today and tomorrow (September 24th and 25th, 2021) you are still able to get your free Kindle copy of my book; the little answer book for children! If you have not already received your free Kindle copy, you will find it at this link.

You are Absolutely Able to Make a Difference

It may be easy to wonder if we are really able to make a difference in the lives of our children and grandchildren, but in my book - The DNA of Grandparents & Parents who Hand Down the Faith - I look at how just like with our physical DNA which gives us the code we need to develop, live and reproduce, we are able to have a "spiritual DNA" where we develop a faith of our own, live as people of faith, and reproduce by handing down confident faith. To do this I looked at people from the Bible, people from time, and people from today who developed, lived, and reproduced a strong Spiritual DNA.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Curriculum Review - The New City Catechism - a "Must-Have" for Every Children's Ministry

I have written about the need for grandparents (and parents) to be people who speak up for the children they love by asking the leaders in their church to engage the children in their church. Today I am happy to share with you information I posted on my Children's Ministry blog (About the Children's Department) about a resource which is well worth asking your church to use with the children you love. 

Make an Impression & a Lasting Difference

I have just been blessed to celebrate another birthday of one of my grandsons. As we celebrated I was reminded of what a gift he is and how very thankful I am for him. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

World Gratitude Day

TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK GIFT IDEAS | We have you the perfect guide if you're looking for a cute gift that is cheap, easy, clever and delicious! The perfect way to say thank you and show you appreciate someone. <3 Perfect for Teachers, Moms, Family, Neighbors, Church Leaders and friends.Yesterday was a day for the world to pause and think about the many things for which we have to be thankful. But every day is a day for us to be thankful, so, since I missed it yesterday, today is also a good thing to stop and take account of the many blessings in our lives and to express our thanks to God and to others.

Grandchildren - Gifts from God

Grandchildren are such a gift - one which continues to give throughout our lives as we experience life with them, and the remember these times. Whether it is their simple response of, "I love you, too, grandma, with all my heart!" when we tell them we love them, or when an older grandchild makes time to visit with an aging grandparent - they are a unique, wonderful, and enduring treasure. So, today I thought it would be fun to share some quotes about grandchildren . . . 

The Most Important Thing - Point Them to God!

In an ordinary year the Fall is a very busy time of year; children go to school, opportunities at church begin to kick into "high gear", children trick-or-treat or go to Fall/harvest festivals at church, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner . . . yes, typically it is a very busy time of year with so many things happening. Of course, this year - our second Fall with covid, who knows if Fall will hold all these things - or even some of them. It is far too easy for us to become so focused on the many things we have to do - or used to do, we end up losing our focus on the things which are the most important . . . pointing children to God!

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Get Your Free Kindle Copy of the little answer book for children

Apparently my link for downloading your free Kindle copy was not working for my book, the little answer book for children - so, I have fixed the link and starting today, September 21, 2021 and going through September 25, 2021 you will now be able to get your free Kindle copy.

The Greatest Lessons are Learned from Children

As grandmas who are purposeful when it comes to handing down confident faith, our grandchildren are learning, and will continue to learn, a lot from us. They learn about God, His love, trusting Him, talking with Him, showing His love to others, what it looks like to live our faith, how His Word is absolutely trustworthy, and so much more. We are committed to handing down confident faith and this means our grandchildren will learn a lot from us.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Be Encouraged & Don't Give Up

Don't you just love it when your grandchildren try something new, stick with it, and are able to experience the joy which comes from doing this? 

My oldest grandson chose to learn the saxophone a few years ago. He caught on right away, is looking forward to being in the jazz band at school next year, and loves playing his saxophone. His band teacher even calls him, "Mr. Saxophone"! My middle grandson went on a bike ride/race with his dad this past weekend in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was his first time to try something like this and he rode 20 miles, climbed more than 2000 feet, didn't quit (even though professional bikers say this is the most difficult course for a one-day race in the USA) and may even be the youngest rider who has ever completed the course! He was so happy when he reached my house and told me about the race! My youngest grandson completed the entire school year last year at home due to covid. This year he is back in class - he was concerned he wouldn't be able to do the things he needed to do at school, but he loves school! He is having a great time making friends, learning more math - his favorite class - and is at the top of his class in his testing. He is so happy to know he is able to do well at school!

The Best Part of Growing Older

It dawned on me this morning, we are less than three and a half months from the end of 2021 and the start of a new year. Truly time does pass quickly and, like it or not, we are growing older; but there are many blessings which come with growing older and certainly one of them is the blessing of knowing and handing confident faith to our grandchildren. While we absolutely need to be focused and purposeful about praying and handing down confident faith, we also need to be sure we take time to watch for how God answers our prayers and how our grandchildren are "taking" the faith and are learning to grow in their own, confident walk with God. It matters for us to see what God is doing.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Make the Most of Those Divine Appointments/Opportunities

Today is a very important day - it was on this day, thirteen years ago, my husband and I first became grandparents! My oldest grandson is 13 today!

Be a Wise Grandma Who Uses Words With Care

We grandmas know words matter and words have power. While research clearly shows this to be true, we know it is true from our own experience and from watching our children and grandchildren. This is why it is essential for us to be wise grandmas who use words on purpose - words which encourage, build up, and praise the effort our grandchildren put into whatever they are doing.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Fun Facts about Grandparents & Why What They Do Matters!

Clearly, from the things I write about - especially in the past week or so - I sincerely believe grandparents need to focus on handing down confident faith to their grandchildren. There are reasons I believe this - some of them are . . . 

Trust God to Draw the Ones We Love to Him

Fall is nearly upon us - at least the trees in my yard are starting to show their Fall colors. Fall is a time when we are able to see God's amazing creation in it's colorful glory . . . at least here where I live as the trees are ablaze with color! Isn't it comforting to know the God Who created everything loves our grandchildren (and adult children, too) - even more than do we, and He wants them to love Him even more than you and I want this for them? 

Friday, September 17, 2021

Tell the "Whys" - God Makes Sense

I love the Okapi - it is one of the most unique animals God created. It looks from the backside like a strange Zebra, but is actually more closely related to the Giraffe. It does have a longish neck and a prehensile tongue, like the Giraffe, but it is a totally unique creature all its own.

Four Steps to Making Great Memories with Grandchildren!

I so appreciate the devotion from the Grandmother's Biblewhich was written by Bobbie Wolgemuth and is entitled, "I Will . .  I Will . . ."  She says, 

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Get Your Free Kindle Copy of the little answer book for children

Today is the first day of the Child Discipleship Forum and as one of the Founding Partners, I made the kindle version of one of my books - the little answer book for children - available to download for free. It is free for you to download today through the 20th as well!

So They Will Know

Five years ago I learned some interesting and wonderful things about my great-grandpa Badgerow. He was orphaned the day before his 11th birthday, raised by his sisters, finished the 8th grade and became a small business man - he owned and ran a grocery store/gas station. When the banks were seized by the state of Michigan and ended up taking half of depositor's money in the '30's, he could have lost heart and quit in despair, but he didn't. He extended credit to families and let them get food from his store when they didn't have the money to pay for the food during the Great Depression. Years later when he died (at 96 years old) a man came to his funeral and said my great grandpa saved his family's lives by giving them food when they needed it. I am proud Charles Wesley Badgerow was my great-grandpa. He set an example of compassion, courage, and generosity which I want to, and will, follow. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

It is Not Too Late to Get Your Free Kindle Copy of Don't Worry: It is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildren

If you have not yet downloaded your free Kindle copy of Don't Worry: It is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildren, you still have today, September 15, 2021 and tomorrow, September 16, 2021 to do so. This book will help you put together the pieces for handing confident faith to the children you love. 

Grandparent from the Grave

Don't you just love this quote from Tim and Darcy Kimmel! Our words and actions need to be used to give security, significance, and strength to our grandchildren. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Know Your Grandchildren & Connect With Them

Look at the first four verses of Psalm 139 -

O Lord, You have searched me and known me! You know when I sit down and when I rise up; You discern my thoughts from afar. You search out my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways. Even before a word is on my tongue, behold, O Lord, You know it altogether.
God most certainly knows us and everything about us. Look what Psalms 139:16-18 goes on to say . . . 

Speak Up On Behalf Of Your Grandchildren

Sunday was Grandparent's Day. This post is a post- Grandparent's Day post, but it is not about how important grandparents are - although grandparents are extremely important. It is not about how grandparents are able to make a lasting difference in the lives of their grandchildren - although grandparents are absolutely able to make a lasting difference in the lives of their grandchildren. It is not a call to grandparents to be people who pray for their grandchildren and children - although grandparents do need to be people who pray for their grandchildren and children. This is a post to call grandparents to speak up on behalf of their grandchildren.

Monday, September 13, 2021

FREE Kindle Book & It is Not Too Late to Be Part of the Child Discipleship Forum

Why are children leaving the church after high school? What if the strategy to change this started in Children’s Ministry? If you have been reading my blog for long, you know these are questions which greatly concern me and questions I have been addressing for some time.

Pray They Will Remember & Believe

The new school year has arrived and most of our grandchildren have at least a couple weeks of school behind them. As you continue to pray for them, consider making the following part of your daily prayers . . .

Sunday, September 12, 2021

A Grandparents Day Gift for You

Happy Grandparents Day! To help you celebrate, today through this Thursday, September 16, 2021, you are able to download the kindle copy of Don't Worry: It is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildren for FREE!

They Will Remember

I am blessed to have my grandsons at my house for a sleepover at least once a week (either Friday or Saturday night, depending on the week.) A few years ago when they were here, I was joking with my youngest grandson and told him loving grandsons was in the, "Grandma's Rule Book". He looked very serious and asked me what the second rule was in the, "Grandma's Rule Book". I asked him what he thought the second rule should be and without hesitating, he said, with a very big smile on his face; "A Grandma Should ALWAYS Have Candy in Her House!" He fills my heart with joy!

Happy Grandparents Day!

Today is Grandparents Day - it is an actual holiday which is celebrated each year on the second Sunday in September. It began when a 9-year-old boy, Russell Capper, sent a letter to President Richard Nixon in 1969 asking him to set aside a day to celebrate grandparents. In 1977, senators and congress passed a joint resolution for a National Grandparents' Day. Congress passed the resolution. In 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation and the first National Grandparents' Day was celebrated on September 10, 1978.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Grandparent's Day - A Gift for You & Let's Focus on What Matters the Most!

This Sunday, September 12, 2021, is Grandparent's Day, so to celebrate we are giving you a gift - the kindle copy of my book - Don't Worry; It is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildren - you will find it at this link - it is available to download for free September 12 - 14, 2021.) Those of us who are grandparents can use this day to renew our commitment to pass on a confident heritage of faith to our grandchildren. Is there anything more important we could spend our time doing? 

Live In It!

In the area in which I serve in my church - Generations Prayer Group - and in writing my grandma blogs, I often hear from grandmas how their hearts break when their children and/or grandchildren turn away from a walk with God. So, when I saw this quote from Max Lucado, I knew I wanted to share it with you - whether your children and/or grandchildren are walking with God, or not.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Using Bacon

Do you have things in your life which you think you will never use? Things you had to learn or do, mostly when you were younger? Well I do . . . or at least I did, until one morning a few years back.

Pray for People Who Influence the Ones You Love

While we live, we grandparents are able to make a real, lasting, and significant difference in the lives of our children and grandchildren. But, it is likely they will outlive us, so it is essential for us to pray for them to be surrounded by people who love and walk with God - both friends and adults who are able to mentor them.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Know God Loves Them; Love God & Others

Jesus was once asked what was the most important command - He did not hesitate to answer, it is for us to love God with our all and to love others as well.

Make a Difference - Teach the "Whys"

I wrote the following post yesterday on my Children's Ministry blog (About the Children's Department), but wanted to share it with you today - please read it and share it with the Children's Ministry people in your church.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

God Does Not Let Go

When the ones we love turn away from a walk with God, this leaves damage in their lives - some may be obvious, other damage may not show up for years; but it is there nonetheless. If you have a son, daughter, in-law, and/or grandchild who has wandered from a walk with God, you know how heart-breaking this is to watch. But, as Barbara Johnson said; "God never gives up on us, no matter how hard we try to get ourselves loose."

Inspire Your Child (Grandchild) at Every Age Toward Their Best Effort

One of our Grandmas with Heart is Linda Ranson Jacobs and she is the author of the amazing book - the single parent confident & successful (you will find it at this link and it is a must-read-and-take-to-heart book whether you - or someone you love - is a single parent, or not). In her book, Linda talks about using Positive Motivation to influence children - and since as grandparents we are the second-most influential people in the lives of our grandchildren (second only to parents), I thought I would share a few of her ideas for how to influence children with positive motivation - but just a couple of them - you will want to read her book to learn them all!

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