Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Speak Up On Behalf Of Your Grandchildren

Sunday was Grandparent's Day. This post is a post- Grandparent's Day post, but it is not about how important grandparents are - although grandparents are extremely important. It is not about how grandparents are able to make a lasting difference in the lives of their grandchildren - although grandparents are absolutely able to make a lasting difference in the lives of their grandchildren. It is not a call to grandparents to be people who pray for their grandchildren and children - although grandparents do need to be people who pray for their grandchildren and children. This is a post to call grandparents to speak up on behalf of their grandchildren.

If you have grandchildren who go to church with their parents, or with you, you must be a person who is willing to speak up on behalf of your grandchildren to your church leadership. If your Children's Ministry does not engage your grandchildren while they are young, they will get the mistaken idea church - and therefore Jesus - are boring. If your Children's Ministry does not connect with your grandchildren by noticing when they are not there, sending a card on their birthday, and just making sure the children know they are loved, they will be more likely to stop going and believe the church - and therefore Jesus - do not really care about them. While these things are important if your grown children take your grandchildren to church, they are absolutely imperative if you are the ones taking your grandchildren to church.

It is not unusual for young children to enjoy church, but as they get older, they are often left to sit and listen to teachers tell them what to believe, but do not engage the children in learning or connect with them as additional adults who care about them and who are teaching them the same things you are trying to teach your grandchildren. I have had many grandmas over the years tell me as their grandchildren reached fourth, fifth, or sixth grade, they no longer wanted to go to church and would often tell them they, "were no longer into that church thing." 

We know if the children we love are actively engaged in a middle school or junior high ministry, they are more likely to make solid friends, and to make wiser choices as they go through these difficult years, then on into high school. While it is absolutely not the job of church to hand confident faith to our grandchildren - it is our job and their parent's job - it is the job of the church to come alongside grandparents and parents, equip them to hand down confident faith, and then to be another voice who tells our grandchildren the same things we are - in an engaging way - so they are able to better understand what it means to know and walk with Jesus, and grow to be people who find church is a place for them.

So, back to speaking up on behalf of your grandchildren. If your church is doing these things - please speak up on behalf of your grandchildren this week and thank your church. Please let them know how much you appreciate what they are doing. But, if they are not - and sadly far too many churches are not - please speak up on behalf of your grandchildren and ask them to do the things your grandchildren - and other children in their ministry - need them to do. The price is far too high if they do not, because once your grandchildren decide they are, "no longer into that church thing" it is extremely difficult to get them to give it a try again.

So, speak up on behalf of your grandchildren - if you do not, who will?

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