Sunday, October 17, 2021

Move Forward Into the Future God Has Planned

When I read this quote from Barbara Johnson, I thought right away of my children and grandchildren. This is most certainly an important message for me to share with them; especially as they likely have many years before them as they experience the future God is preparing for them. I want them to dream about the things they would like to do with their lives and the idea of making those dreams part of their prayers is one I most certainly want to share with the ones I love. 

I often tell my grandsons I know God knew what He was doing when He created them and He did not make any mistakes. I tell them I can not wait to see what He will do with them and their lives and I believe God gave them the interests and abilities they have. I believe God has given my grandsons the dreams and interests they have and as they grow, learn, and develop those things, they will be able to use them to serve and glorify God. I also believe doing these things will give them joy, so I look forward to them moving forward into the futures God has planned for them.

But, these dreams are not only for the young. God has dreams He gives us as we grow older - for this part of our lives . . . the part which comes with being grandparents and then the part which comes with being retired people. Like the old saying we loved when we were young - "God is not finished with me yet!" He is not. He has plans for you and for me. He has a purpose for us. He has dreams for us in this part of our lives, so we, too, need to make our dreams part of our prayers as well. And then, we need to move forward into the future He has planned for us, ready to live these years - however many there may be - to the fullest as we hand down confident faith and make a difference in the lives of the ones we love.

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