Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Be Equipped to Answer Questions About God & the Multiverse

It is the time of year when the "Summer Blockbusters" release to the movie theaters. Many of the children we love have been able to watch a new movie which focuses on the "multiverse" - and now they are able to see it at home as well with steaming services. While we may think the idea of a "multiverse" is just a fun idea for an adventure movie, there are people who truly believe multiverses are real - and do away with the need for God. So, what do we need to know about this idea of a "multiverse" and how do we help the ones we love understand the truth? Consider the following information from an excellent article found on the BioLogos website.

"Scientists of all worldviews agree the physical constants of our universe and the conditions of the early universe are exquisitely fine-tuned for life. Multiple theories in physics predict our universe may be one of very many, an idea known as the multiverse. Some Christians argue that fine-tuning is proof of God’s existence, while some atheists argue the multiverse replaces God. Neither conclusion can be reached on the basis of science alone, because the existence of God is not a scientific question. Yet our fruitful cosmos resonates with the Christian understanding of God as the creator of a world fit for life. When viewed through the eyes of faith, we see a personal God crafting an abundant, complex universe which includes our life-giving home, the Earth. Even if multiverse theories eventually explain scientifically how our universe began, the multiverse itself would still be God’s creation. Scientific explanations cannot replace God but rather increase our wonder and praise of the Creator God."

This fantastic article goes on to explain what "Fine-Tuning" is and what the "multiverse" is as well - along with answers to the questions we have about both. You will find it at this link - please make it a must-read for today and share what you learn with the ones you love who may be thinking about the multiverse and how it relates to God. This is part of what we do to hand down confident faith - and thankfully there are excellent resources such as this article from BioLogos to help us do exactly this!

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