Thursday, June 30, 2022

Think About & Invest in the Generations Who Come Behind

It is easy to think as we approach retirement, or actually become retired, our time is now for us. We may think it is finally time for us to travel, play golf, or just enjoy the years we have remaining however we choose; but this is a very short-sighted way to look at the last years we have on this Earth.

While we are able to see retirement as, "me-time", we also are able to spend these last years doing something which truly matters. We are able to invest in the generations who come behind us and hand down confident faith to them.

You and I likely, very likely, have fewer years before us, than we do behind us. Why would we want to spend those few years in ways which focus upon us? Nothing, absolutely nothing is more important than seeing the generations who come behind us make the choice to put their faith in Jesus and then choose to walk faithfully with Him. Time spent on us will mean nothing if our children and/or grandchildren do not choose to believe and walk with God.

Look at Isaiah 39 and be challenged to think about the generations who come behind us, and to act in a way which helps point them to God. Think about them and make the choice to invest your time in the generations who come behind you - this is what matters and gives great meaning to the rest of our days.

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