Saturday, July 2, 2022

This is What it Looks Like to Hand Down Confident Faith

At the start of this year - or at any time - did you begin keeping a, "God's Great Deeds Jar" or a basket of rocks on which you record God's faithfulness to you and your family? If so, take time today to go and look at the things God has done and the ways He has shown His great deeds, His faithfulness to you and the ones you love. Take time to remember and thank God all over again, then remind your family as well. This is one of the important things we do when we hand down confident faith - we remind our children and our children's children of how God has been faithful to us yesterday, so they will remember to watch for how He is faithful today and they will believe He will be faithful tomorrow.

If you did not start a, "God's Great Deeds Jar", or a basket of rocks upon which to record God's faithfulness, today is a great day to begin! Watch for how God works. Record it. Remember. Tell. Commit to tell your children and grandchildren about God's faithfulness. This is what handing down confident faith looks like.

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